Natalia Cruze and Chayse Evans

It is such a great pleasure for me to welcome back to the incredible Natalia Cruz. I really love this girl, she is one of the kindest people I have ever met, she has one of the biggest hearts in this business, she is so calm, so sweet and professional and that’s why she is the one who gets to wear the strap-on. Chayse Evans however is a very naughty little girl who is in serious need of a good old fashioned chick dickin just like mama used to make…so pay attention. And these girls are not playing with Fisher Price toys, huge dildoes go deep down each throat, Chayse Evans gets fucked anal with a huge butt plug while I’m tap dancing with one foot deep in her pussy and Chayse also likes the whip.

Natalia Cruze and Chayse Evans
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